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Burt, Nancy & Taylor Johnson
1235 11th Street, #301
West Des Moines, IA 50265

Phone: 515-223-1102.

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Hi! I am Burt Johnson. I am a System Administrator at Meredith Corporation. I head up the support team for our Network Operations Department. My specialty is GroupWise 4.1a and the Novell 4.1x servers. I am also in the process of getting my CNE.

My job was eliminated at CE Software, Inc in Feb '97. See my ex-company's home pages at I was instrumental in developing their Tech Support Web Server located at They make QuickMail, WebArranger, QuicKeys and TimeVision NS. I was a Senior Technical Advisor/Quality Assurance Technician.

My wife's name is Nancy. She is currently a homemaker.

We are both graduates of Olivet Nazarene University

If you are wondering where West Des Moines, IA is, it is a suburb of Des Moines, the capital city of Iowa.

Read all about Toastmasters International, a club that teaches public speaking and leadership skills.

We had our first child on October 13, 1996. Her name is Taylor Elizabeth Johnson. 9 lbs., 21 in.
We are now expecting our second child on January 18, 1999. The names we have picked out are Garrett Andrew for a boy and undecided for a girl's name.

Here are some parental Web Sites:

Here are some of my relatives web pages:
Don Johnson (Father)

Our church, Hope Church of the Nazarene

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